Maybe it’s the Forensic Crime Scene Investigator in me.

I find myself yelling at the TV when I see how the whole crime scene of the JFK assassination was handled. Daily Plaza was not secured, Officers disturbed the location where the alleged “murder weapon” was found with no thoughts of forensic trace evidence.
Moreover, someone cleaned the the Presidential Limousine at Parkland Hospital before any evidence could be recovered. It also appears that at least 10 to 15 men of different nationalities were detained by the Dallas Police with no records of the interviews they gave to the Dallas Police Investigators.
Yes, police science has change in the last fifty years, that said securing evidence has not.
The Dallas Police paraded Oswald fifteen times in front of the media even allowing Oswald to make statements to the press before he had been given legal advice. The press were admitted inside the secure area of the Police Headquarters; which allowed Jack Ruby to gain entry to the secure area with a hand gun.
This incident was mishandled by the Dallas Police Department on so many levels ; it does beg the question was the mishandling of the JFK incident done on purpose?

Carl W. Irvine III

I’m a fifteen year veteran of Law Enforcement; I have listed below the special training I have achieved in Criminal Justice.

Basic & Advanced Crime Scene Investigation Certification
Homicide Investigation Certification
Undercover Officer Investigation Certification
DEA Drug Enforcement Officer Certification
DEA Undercover Investigations Management
DEA Complex Conspiracy Investigation
Basic Tactical Operations
Advanced Tactical Operations
Field Training Officer
National Drug Intelligence Analyst
Law Enforcement Instructor
CIT Trained Officer


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